December 30, 2017


Why We're Different

Our first-in-class regulatory B10 cell-directed therapies are based on innovative technologies that distinguish us from other companies working in the immunotherapy area. Our goal is to maintain visibility among cell therapy and biological-based companies developing products for the autoimmune disease and transplantation market space, while also opening multiple under-served market opportunities.

We have:

  • a dominant position within the B cell and regulatory B cell space
  • novel technologies for depleting a specific human regulatory B-cell subset (B10 cells) that results in an enhanced immune response, as well as technology that can expand this B-cell subset to dampen immune response
  • know-how and a library of issued patents and provisional patent applications

Cellective’s two near-term products have applications for the treatment of diverse conditions, all of which have substantial markets. There are currently no competing technologies focused on B10 cell depletion or autologous B10 cell in vivo therapies, giving us freedom to operate across these broad disease categories.

Strategic Partnering

Given the intense competition among oncology companies, we anticipate partnering with a leading pharmaceutical company in the checkpoint inhibitor space, as combination therapies for the treatment of solid tumors are the known goal. Cellective will also solicit partners for the application of B10 cell depletion in the infectious disease space. 

Our initial goal for our cell therapy products is to address significant unmet clinical needs within the orphan disease space for proof-of-concept in SCID immunodeficiency and cGVHD to validate the safety of the products in small patient populations and to accelerate progress toward FDA approval. After this, we plan to address larger markets through partnerships with companies that have dominant positions within each disease and product area. 

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